We have some requirements for companies who want to provide internships


The criteria below form a short summary to help examine whether companies are suitable to provide internships or graduate (final) projects. The content is primarily intended for the internship / graduate project coordinators. This summary may also clarify matters for internship or graduate project candidates and students who are independently looking for a suitable company for their internship or final project.

Criteria for companies

  • Generally, there should not be any conflict of interest between the intern or graduate student and the company (for example: not a family company).
  • The company should be of sufficient size so that the internship or final project can be carried out at a high level (for example: it should not be one-person company).
  • The company should offer sufficient continuity for the intern or graduate student so that the risk factor during the assignment is kept to a minimum (for example: no pending bankruptcy or reorganisation, no starting entrepreneurs).
  • The student should have full-time access to his/her own sufficiently facilitated workstation.
  • The student should be able to be physically present at the company most of the time.
  • The internship or graduate project company should provide insight into the necessary company documents that are relevant for the internship or graduate project.
  • The student should be able to adequately report on the internship or graduate project assignment so that the supervising mentor can make a sufficiently substantiated evaluation of the content and calibre of the assignment. In case of sensitive company information, the report can be handled confidentially. This will require a confidentiality procedure.

Criteria for the company advisor

  • The organisation should assign a company advisor to supervise the intern or graduate.
  • The company advisor should have at least a higher professional education and relevant work experience in the ICT domain.
  • The company advisor should have enough time available (at least 2 hours per week) to ensure diligent supervision of the intern or graduate.
  • Comprehensive quality supervision should be available for the intern or graduate at least four days a week.

Criteria for the assignment

  • The internship or graduate project may not take place in the primary business process of the company.
  • The intern or graduate must carry out an independent assignment (for example: no job shadowing internships).
  • A combined internship-final project is permitted as long as there is a clearly identifiable individual component available for each student.
  • The assignment should suit the curriculum of the profile or field of innovation in which the student is graduating in terms of subject, content and calibre.
  • The proportion of routine work activities outside of the immediate internship or final project should be limited to a maximum of 5 -10%.

Additional requirements for graduate projects

  • Graduate projects should comprise a clear research component.
  • The graduate project should be methodologically well-substantiated.
  • The graduate project should be an integral assignment in which a broad spectrum of skills can be displayed related to the chosen profile or field of innovation.

Additional information for registering student jobs with Partners in Education

  • Fontys ICT University (FHICT) merely functions as an intermediary between the Partner in Education (PiE) and students. FHICT is not a part of the employment agreement between PiE and the student. FHICT also offers no supervision to students.
  • That is why FHICT is not liable for any possible material or immaterial damage caused by the students at PiE. FHICT is also not liable for any possible material or immaterial damage caused by PiE to students.